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  Mr. Dhirubhai Patel
સારા મિત્રો બનાવો H Have Good Friends
નિયમો પાળો O Obey Rules
અભ્યાસ સારી રીતે કરો S Study Well
અનુકુળતા શીખો T Try To Adjust
યોગ્ય આહાર લો E Eat Well
આનંદથી રહો L Live Happy
  About Us
Dhirubhai Patel – Owner of R. S. Girls Hostel, is basically a Civil Engineer and mainly is in the business of construction. He built a number of residential and commercial buildings in surrounding Anand. He is also involved with a business of running girls hostels from last 12 years. His experience taught him the management and hospitality.

Dhirubhai Patel had a dream to have wonderful hostel in Vallabh Vidyanagar.

Dhirubhai believes in four ‘H’, Honesty, Hospitality, Humbleness and Homely Atmosphere. R. S. Girls Hostel is built on these four pillars with the trust and confidence.


“Providing a best and ample stay for students' overall development considering their safety, comfort and facility with a perfect emphasize on the development of live environment”.


To create a totally peaceful, homely and disciplined atmosphere which can provide the student
>> Care like a mother
>> Discipline like a father
  >> Safety like a brother
>> Love like a sister

  Mo.   : +91 99765 39635
  Phone   : (02692) 231385
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