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  Admission Rules
1. The starting date of semester will may be on 21 June up to 31 may.
2. The recipient must read the rules and regulation before filling the Admission form.
3. Candidate has to attach the passport size photograph and also has to attach parents or guardian photograph also.
4. Candidate has to give the full amount of fees at the time of admission. Fees once paid will not be refundable in any case. Deposit amount will be refunded after completing one year; within six month after that student will don’t allow to get the deposit back at the time of getting the deposit student has to bring the deposit slip but the student those who completed the year they only get the deposit.
5. Hostel, according to the schedule will follow. Main gate will be opened at 6 AM and closed at 9 PM. Students has to arrive hostel at 8 PM and it will no arguments against it.
6. Students has to take care of beds, table, seat, drawers, mattress, pillow, bed sheet, pail etc allocated her and have to return it individually at end of exam. During the year it will be what damages will be cut from deposit.
7. Hostel’s lock will be placed on the main door of the room. Take care of keys herself. If the key is lost penalty will be charged Rs. 50.
8. Students have to leave in room allocated on their seat. They cannot be transferred within the room.
9. Must be care about misuse of light and water. Check the light and water tap off when room closed. Person who try to misuse of Power and water has to leave her room and damage will be payable from deposit.
10. Other then the light no any tools will be used by student (like heater). Student has to pay Rs. 150 extra for computer power bill.
11. Student must have to submit her Identity card to watchman when they go outside the hostel and also must be registered in register. Return the Identity Card when back to hostel and take care of it. The new Identity card will b given after paying Rs. 25.
12. Light, water and sanitation-related problems will bring you immediately to the administrator account.
13. Watchman is for your protection so cooperate with him.
14. Parents have to call between 8:00 AM to 10:00 AM in morning and 8:00 PM to 9:00 PM at evening.

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