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  Kitchen Rules
1. Every student has to take lunch/dinner in the kitchen only.
Students have to take snack, lunch, and dinner at fixed time. Student who comes late then fixed time has to only given whatever left. Student has to inform in advance if she came late.
Friends are not allow to enter in kitchen, parents who come from distance can only take lunch or dinner after administrator’s permission. Others have to pay Rs.25 for Guest charge
4. Keep silence at lunch/dinner time.
5. Don’t waste then food.
6. Outside food is not allowed in the kitchen.
7. Don’t take hostel’s vessel inside the room.
8. Keep Clean.
9. Off the lights and Fans after taking lunch/dinner.
Refrigerator placed inside the kitchen is only for hostel, if there is place in refrigerator and if any one put anything inside it, then administrator not responsible for is.
11. Sweet will be given every 15 days in a month.
12. Change will be limited given at every Thursday.
13. Kitchen will be closed during diwali vacation (3 weeks).
14. Kitchen will be closed from 1 may to 15 June.

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